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    1. Find Your Managers

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      Curtis Management Company – Specializing in Community Association Management

      Multiethnic group of happy employees

      Comprehensive Service ...
      Done Right!

      Administration Support

      Choosing the right management company is absolutely critical. Make a good choice and your life gets easier. Make a bad one and things get messy ... fast. At Curtis we do it all and we do it well.

      Here are some of the Administrative Services we provide:

      • Open a bonded trust checking account in the name of the Association.
      • Establish and update ownership record files showing correct names and addresses of all owners, copies of which will be provided to the Board of Directors. Provide assistance and updated information to Escrow Companies on change of ownership. Maintain accurate membership, ownership and corporate records.
      • Prepare or assist in the preparation of an accurate and up-to-date operational budget for the continued maintenance and preservation of the property. Arrange for the required studies to be performed.
      • Provide for collection of maintenance fees from owners, and provide delinquency reports to the Association. Collect delinquent assessment fees due to the Association, arrange filing of liens as needed and coordinate with legal counsel as appropriate (foreclosure, bankruptcies, etc.).
      • Provide a monthly financial report to the Association Board of Directors, and provide year-end financial reports required for annual audit and tax returns.
      • Obtain and review necessary insurance coverage. Investigate all claims and damages and refer to insurance company. Follow through until adequate settlement is made.
      • Review and negotiate contracts for services with contractors/subcontractors for the Association and oversee their performance. Obtain bids for projects as directed by the Board of Directors.
      • Receive, record and execute service requests from homeowners. Clarification of homeowners’ inquiries requiring interaction daily on all questions regarding the Association.
      • Maintain a seven day a week, twenty-four hour emergency answering service for the convenience of the homeowners. Order emergency repairs when necessary for the common areas.
      • Distribute newsletters and notices as directed by the Board of Directors.
      • Prepare all necessary forms i.e., proxies, ballots, etc. for the Association’s Annual Meetings.
      • Oversee and facilitate routine landscape and maintenance under the jurisdiction of the Association.

      Advisory Support

      A leader in the community association management industry for over 30 years, Curtis Management has a depth of knowledge and understanding rivaled by few. Seasoned Board Members appreciate our experience, and those recently elected find themselves grateful for our advice.

      Here are just some of the Advisory Services we provide:

      • Assigned Property Manager shall make regular inspections of the common areas and render reports and make recommendations concerning the property to the Board. Review and evaluate performance of all contractors/subcontractors.
      • Act as an impartial buffer between the homeowners and the Board of Directors. This will minimize retaliation by angry or emotional homeowners.
      • Provide to the Board of Directors accurate, professional management advice concerning the operation of the Association during regular Board of Directors meetings. Meeting to be attended by assigned Property Manager.
      • Prepare monthly management reports for the Board of Directors.
      • Review and generate payables for the Association twice monthly.
      • Prepare all required business correspondence and communications.
      • Prepare and update parking policy procedures including permit distribution, parking logo, applications and enforcement.
      • Provide, at the Board’s request, a recording secretary for all Board and Committee meetings (secretarial fee to be paid by the Association).
      • Obtain for the Association lower costs in purchasing materials/supplies through supply contacts.
      • Assist in the interpretation and enforcement of the Articles of Incorporation; the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions; and the Bylaws, of the Homeowners Association, such as architectural controls and parking violations. Initiate and follow through on enforcement procedures.
      • Advise the Board of Directors of any new California laws enacted which affect the day-to-day operation of your Association. These new laws may supersede the governing documents.
      • Regularly update Board of Directors on status of community, projects and all aspects of the Association as needed.
      • Mailing of Board packets prior to the Board Meeting.

      Note: These are our basic summary of services for a full service management contract. Additional services can be added to meet the needs of any community association.

      homeowners & board members

      Maintenance Request

      Make Payment

      Account Balance

      Community Website

      Email Managers

      Board Member Resources

      about curtis

      Why Curtis?

      Our Services

      Request Proposal


      "I have had the experience of the past 7 years' relationship with Curtis Management as Board President, during which time I have witnessed a high level of competency in all facets of HOA compliance, homeowner concerns, and vendor relations. The owner, Patrick, has always demonstrated a vested interest; as well as my property manager, Andrew, who has stepped up to the plate each and every time! Most important, response time is truly within 24 hours. They have our best interest at all times, no doubt!"Gail KalaniBoard President
      Alacima Homeowners Association, Oceanside

      "Our Board of Directors has had the privilege of working with Curtis Management Company for the past year. Due to their professional experience and sophistication our transition from our previous company was seamless. Curtis Management operates with honesty, integrity and adherence to best business practices. They take the initiative even before we ask for something. They provide the highest quality management services at competitive pricing. The team at Curtis Management Company are excellent to work with and I highly recommend them."Tony CannariatoBoard President
      Aviara Point Homeowners’ Association, Carlsbad

      "Curtis Management Company provides excellent customer service to the residents of our community of 300 homes located in San Clemente. I have been on the Board of Directors for eight years and seven of those in the capacity of President, during which time I have found Curtis Management Company to be highly responsive and very capable of serving our HOA’s needs. Their staff always communicates in a very timely way to all our residents on a variety of homeowner issues."Marcelino G. LomeliBoard President
      Seascape Village Owners Association, San Clemente

      "Curtis Management Company provides highly skilled, experienced, and caring property managers who deliver excellence in reliable and cost-efficient service to the Rancho San Clemente Community Association of homeowners."Vonne BarnesBoard President
      Rancho San Clemente Community Master Association, San Clemente

      "Curtis Management has provided property management services for our 152 unit HOA in Solana Beach for the past 4 years. I have served on our Board of Directors for 10 years and worked with 3 other management companies. Curtis Management has provided superior and professional management services and our Homeowners have been very happy with their work. Their managers and support staff are responsive and respectful to Homeowners which is key to a well-managed HOA. I can highly recommend Curtis Management."Frank WarnerHOA President
      St. Francis Court HOA, Solana Beach

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